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Welcome to Frsh Face, the revolutionary skincare system designed exclusively for melanated men. Our premium products and services will help you unlock your best complexion and achieve healthy and glowing skin. Take your skincare routine to the next level with Frsh Face

The Inspiration Behind the Creation of Frsh Face Skincare System for Melanated Men

Frsh Face Skincare System for Melanated Men, is a Beautiful Ending to a Tragic circumstance. In 2015, While recovering from an incident that caused bilateral quad tendon repairs, subsequent bilateral deep vein thrombosis and bilateral pulmonary emboli, I found myself jobless, homeless and hopeless. An acquaintance, a hairstylist in the Atlanta area, was assisting me with my rehab. Between Physical therapy Sessions, she would bring me to the Salon. As I got stronger, I began shampooing hair for her. An opportunity opened up where I was able to shampoo men's hair before their hair cuts. I fell in love with male -female/client- professional exchange. My shampoo chair became a therapist couch of sorts. This allowed clients to relax, release, and be heard while being groomed. Wanting to enhance the male grooming experience, I pondered on what I could do to achieve this. Then I thought, when a man gets a Fresh Haircut, he NEEDS a Fresh Face. So, to my repertoire, I added facials, basic nailcare and teeth whitening. Working with some of the top Barbers, afforded me a wealth of knowledge about Men’s skin. Upon searching for a product to use for my facials, I found there weren't any products specifically for Black Men on the shelves. This prompted me to create products geared toward Black men's skin and the issues that plagued their faces. Issues like ingrown hairs, razor bumps, overly oily/dry skin. I started educating myself on natural oils, plants and fruits that would help combat said issues. In the Shop, I would mix various concoctions {Freshly} to use on my clients' face. They loved the outcome of their session(s) and thus “Frsh Face” was born. Frsh Face aims to address the entire man's face, giving you a completely enhanced look and feel.


Frsh Face Skincare System for Melanated Men has a long list of celebrity clientele who have trusted our products and services to keep their skin looking its best

Lil Duval
Cam Newton
Stephen Jackson
Lil Uzi Vert
DJ Drama

343 Vallette Street 

New Orleans, LA 70114







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